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We are Lumo Analytics – a company augmenting geologists. We are developing laser-based scanning and analysis technology for the mineral exploration and mining industry. With instant and on-site analysis geologists can make robust decisions in real-time to allow for more efficient planning of activities. This will minimize environmental impact, save money and provide a greater chance of making that elusive discovery.

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Global need to reduce CO2 emissions speeds up electrification of transportation. That among other megatrends increases the demand of metals. Unfortunately, the circular economy cannot yet completely fulfill this need and thus mining is a requirement.

On the other hand, discovery rates, concentrations and sizes of mineral deposits are decreasing, and the ecological impact of mining is substantial.

It’s extremely important that mining is done in a sustainable way to minimize negative impact on the environment and local community. With our precise and instantaneous geological insights, energy consumption, waste rock mining, chemical consumption, water and land use can all be reduced.

Our mission is to provide innovations which help to drive mining in a more sustainable direction.

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